La Bayadera

Ludwig Minkus

La Bayadere

Ballet in two acts

Libretto by Marius Petipa and Sergei Khudekov

Choreography: Marius Petipa

New scenic version: Yuri Vetrov, Elena Radchenko

scenery and costumes creation: Sergey and Elena Radchenko



La Bayadère (The Temple Dancer) -is a ballet, originally staged in four acts and seven tableaux by choreographer Marius Petipa, to the music of Ludwig Minkus. La Bayadère was first performed by the Imperial Ballet at the Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 4 February 1877. A scene from the ballet, known as The Kingdom of the Shades, is one of the most celebrated excerpts in all of classical ballet, and is considered to be one of the first examples of abstract ballet.



Act1       Scene 1  Young soldiers returning from the hunt for the tiger. Solor instructs fakir Magdavee pass Nikiya, which will wait for her at night at the church.

Solemn appearance of the Great Brahmin priests and bayaderes (servants of the temple), opens fire worship celebration. The culmination of the celebration — a beautiful dance Nikiya. Passionate love for Nikiya makes the Great Brahmin forget about clergy. He promises her all the riches of India, but Nicias can not hide her disgust for him. Night. Secret Rendezvous Nikiya and Solor. The sacred fire Solor vows of love to Nikiya. High Brahmin sees and intends to avenge love.

 Scene 2   Raja Dugmanta announces his daughter Gamzatti that she will marry the best warrior Solor. She’s happy, and Solor in confusion: he does not dare to refuse a high honor, but he loves Nikiya and gave her vow of love and fidelity. For the dedication of the bride Gamzatti palace invite Nikiya. High Brahmin appears and tells of the love of Nikiya and Solor. Raja is angry but does not change the solutions Solor will Gamzatti husband and Nikia to die. Brahmin was not expecting such a denouement, and threatens punishment Rajah gods for their actions. Gamzatti overheard the conversation and give orders to her and Nikiya, accidentally shows a portrait of her husband. Nikiya in despair. Gamzatti begs her to give up Solor. In anger Nikia puts a dagger-slave hardly hold her. Gamzatti decides that Nikia should die.

  Scene 3   Engagement Gamzatti and Solor. Nikia obliged to ritual dance at this festival, can not hide her grief. But she was handed a basket of flowers, and the hope, love, joy flooded her. Nikia triumphs, she thinks it’s a gift favorite. Suddenly, a snake crawls out of flowers and stings Bayadere. This is revenge Gamzatti! High Brahmin promises antidote if Nikia forget Solor, but it remains true to the beloved and choose death!


Act 2  Scene 4 Solor is inconsolable. It hurts remorse. Solor to distract from serious thoughts, fakir Magdaveya performs the dance of the sacred fire. Solor watching dance smoking shisha and still thinks of Nikiya. Gradually, the idea of ​​a favorite carry him into the realm of shadows. Long line of darkness shadows appear. He sees Nikiya. She calls him.



Lovers together again, only in the unreal world of shadows!