Full-length Ballet in Two Acts

Music by Sergei Prokofiev

Libretto: Yuri Vetrov

Choreography by Elena Radchenko

Stage version and editorial by Elena Radchenko, and Alexander Daev (choreography assistant )

Sets and Costumes: Sergei and Elena Radchenko

Lighting: Marina Borodina


Cinderella composed by Sergei Prokofiev . It is one of his most popular and melodious compositions, and has inspired a great many choreographers since its inception. The piece was composed between 1940 and 1944.The premiere of Cinderella was presented 1945, at the Bolshoi Theatre with choreography by Rostislav Zakharov. Galina Ulanova danced the title role. Cinderella (or Cendrillon) is notable for its jubilant music, lush scenery, and for the hilarious double-roles of the stepsisters, more mad than bad in this treatment.


Scene 1 : Cinderella’s House

In Cinderella’s father’s house, Cinderella is sitting by the fire and then cleans the dishes. Her stepmother instructs her daughters to sew her a scarf and then leaves. Sisters begin to fray and tear the fabric for a scarf. They blame the incident on Cinderella. The stepmother has a fit, and it stops with the appearance of the royal dancing-master. He presents an invitation to the ball and tries to teach ballroom dancing to the nasty sisters. Cinderella’s stepmother fights over the scarf and then the all depart for the ball without Cinderella.

Cinderella is left alone and has sad dreams of the royal ball. Suddenly the room is filled with light, and in front of Cinderella, the Fairy appears — her godmother, surrounded by the Fairies of the four seasons. She will fulfill the desire of Cinderella go to the ball and gives her a beautiful dress and shoes. She warns Cinderella that midnight she must return. When the clock strikes midnight, her will turn into pitiful rags. Happy Cinderella, not believing her luck goes to the ball, surrounded by the entourage of the four seasons Fairies.

Scene 2 : Ball in the Royal Palace

The royal palace is filled with guests. Ladies and gentlemen dancing. The young prince also dances and talks with guests. Then appears the stepmother, who wants to marry off her stepdaughters to the Prince. The Prince and guests wonder, watching their ridiculous behavior. Suddenly the room is in the radiant with Cinderella and her beautiful dress. The enchanted prince can not take his eyes off her. He invites the beautiful stranger to dance and Cinderella and the Prince dance oblivious to anyone around them. But suddenly we hear the chimes of midnight! Cinderella had forgotten about it! She runs away and loses her slipper. Then the Prince runs after her, but only finds her slipper.

Scene 3 : The Royal Palace

The Prince desperate. He wants to find the beautiful girl that ran off leaving her slipper. Many beautiful women from different countries and parts of the world come to claim they left the slipper behind, but no one who tries fits the slipper. Then Prince then goes in search of the beautiful stranger!

Scene 4 : Cinderella’s House

Cinderella recalls how she and the Prince were dancing at the palace. The sisters brag in front of her impressions of the ball. The silly sisters again grapple, figuring out which of them is better than the other. They try to calm their stepmother. Then suddenly there are sounds of a fanfare! The Prince and his entourage enter the house. Sadly, he has to try the slipper on all the sisters. Of course it is too small and does not fit. Prince goes to leave, but the stepmother takes the slipper and tries to put on Cinderella, who can no longer look at the frenzy the stepmother and her sisters are causing and drops the second slipper. All the people are surprised to look at the dirty and poorly dressed girl. Then the Fairy godmother appears and tells everyone to leave the room. The Prince, immediately recognizes her as the beautiful stranger in a shining dress. They dance together.

Scene 5 : The Royal Palace

The Fairy godmother appears again and returns beautiful Cinderella costume. The lovers find each other and holding hands, they go forward in happiness and love!